You Get an Unlimited Supply of Legos

Ideal Uses:

This prompt works well as an enrichment prompt for students who have finished other writing. However, it also works well as a way to get students engaged in creative thinking and in descriptive language. You could also have students complete it as a choice-based story prompt.



You get an unlimited supply of Legos and you can build anything with it. But there’s a catch. You only get 48 hours. That’s right. 48 hours. So . . . What will you make? Will it be a house? A city? A truck? A boat? A robot? How big will it be? What will it look like? What purpose will it serve? What will be the practical use? Who will you invite to help you in this project? What could possibly go wrong with it? What will you do to prevent this? Where will your Lego creation be located? Make your story vivid and interesting.


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