You Are a Real Estate Agent for Magical Homes


You have just landed a job as a real estate agent. Pretty normal, right? Well, here’s where it gets strange. You are actually a real estate agent for magical homes.

So, what type of homes are you buying and selling? Are they mansions? Shacks? Castles? Maybe homes way up in the sky or in the ocean? Or maybe hobbit holes?

What makes these homes different? What weird features do they have? Perhaps disappearing doors? Rooms that expand? Moving staircases? Floating furniture?

What hidden dangers do you have to look out for?

What might an enchanted home floor plan look like? How is it different from a normal home?

Who are your clients? What would they be looking for in a magical home?

Where are these homes located? How do you keep these homes a secret?

Your job is to write an advertisement for one of these homes. Be sure to include the magical amenities, the physical description, and the location.

Include compelling reasons why someone magical would want to buy this home.

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