What Will Life Be Like in 2057?


What will life be like in 40 years? Why not let students take a guess? This video writing prompt asks them to come up with 5 things that will have been invented by the year 2057.


Imagine that you can fast-forward into the future. In this case, the year 2057.

What do you see when you imagine it?

What will the arts be like? Think of the fashion trends, culinary innovations, art movements, musical genres and movies that will be popular.

What will our cities be like? What kind of transportation will people use? What will the buildings be like? More crowded? Less crowded?

What types of new technology will be available?

What challenges and social issues will we be facing that are not as big of a deal right now? What changes will we see in our environment? How will people be coping with it?

Now, based upon this future, come up with five things that will have been invented by 2057. Describe how each of those inventions will change life on earth.

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