Create a To Do List for a Super-Villain

Ideal Uses:

This is a good stand-alone prompt to promote creative thinking. However, this also works well as an activity before silent reading as they think about their protagonists from a new point of view (you would just need to modify it at the end by saying “focus on the villain in your current book”). It can also work well to think about the human side of the “villains” in history (reminding us that villains are often complicated). Or it could be a fun warm-up activity before a class read aloud.



What do you think Darth Vader does on his day off?

Perhaps he gets a slushy from Hoth? Maybe he takes his cape to get dry cleaned or he goes to the pharmacy to pick up a new inhaler. Maybe he has some “me time” at the spa, followed by hot yoga. Or maybe he just binge-watches the Golden Girls. Or does he play a vigorous game of pickleball?

You’re going to create a to do list for a villain who has a day off. Think of things that make a villain seem more human or even boring. Be sure to make it realistic, keep it specific, and make it awesome!


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