Tell the Story of Superman’s Brother


Tell the story of Superman’s brother, Carl, who left Krypton as a child but ended up on a deserted planet filled with space trash instead of landing on Earth.

Think about his life. What was his childhood like? How did he spend his days? How did he survive?
What kinds of skills did he learn in this environment? How did he use his Superman-like superpowers? In what ways did his x-ray vision come in handy? How about his ability to fly? What did he build on his planet? What new ideas did he have? How did he recycle the space trash? What his coolest invention? What new discoveries did he make? What kind of personality did he develop living alone? Did he ever create imaginary friends? Or maybe make his own robotic friends? What were his hopes and dreams? What were his goals?

Now tell the story of the reunion between Clark . . . er, I mean, Superman and his brother, Carl.


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