Tell the Story of an Underground Civilization


Invent a civilization that exists entirely underground.

1. What is the culture like? What type of food do they eat? What is their music like? What type of art do they create? What are their beliefs and how do they communicate them? What do they value and how do they reward this? What stories do they tell?
2. What kinds of buildings does it have? What is the architecture like? What does the layout look like? How is this civilization organized?
3. What are the laws? What type of government do they have? Is it an autocracy? Plutocracy? Oligarchy? Representative republic? Direct democracy?
4. What do they do for fun? How do they stay entertained?
5. How does their educational system work? What subjects do they have? What do the students learn?
6. What type of technology do they have? What are the tools that they use? How does their underground transportation work?
7. How does their economy work? What products they have? What kind of money do they use? What jobs do they have? What are the social classes?
You’re going to create a model of this underground civilization.

You can make this in Minecraft or you can make this by hand using repurposed materials.

Make it so that anyone who visits this civilization would be able to discover every aspect of this civilization.

Don’t forget to experiment and make tons of glorious mistakes. It’s going to be awesome because it’s yours and it’s coming from your creative mind.


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