Tell the Story of a Creature that Lives in a Volcano


Invent a creature that lives inside of an active volcano.

That’s right.

A volcano.

Consider the following:

What does it eat? Is it an herbivore? Carnivore? Omnivore? How does it search for its food?

What adaptations does it have to help it live in this environment? How can it handle the heat?

What does its habitat look like? Where exactly does it live?

Is it nocturnal or diurnal?

What does it look like? Does it have legs? If so, how many? Does it have a tail? Does it have scales? Wings? Gills?

Describe its features. Is it fast or slow? Is it smart? Can it run? Swim? Fly? Slither?

Draw a picture of this creature and create annotations describing everything. Focus on how this animal could survive in such a harsh environment.


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