You Just Received a Velociraptor for Christmas


Jimmy collects toy dinosaurs. So far, he has a toy T-Rex, Brontosaurus, and Triceratops.

This year, he asked Santa for a velociraptor.

On Christmas Eve, Jimmy waited patiently for his present to arrive. But the next morning, when he opened his present, it was only an egg.

Jimmy was confused. “This was supposed to be Christmas, not Easter.”

But then the egg began to shake and crack and suddenly a velociraptor hatched.

The elves had tried to warn Santa but in his defense, Jimmy had written “velociraptor, not “toy velociraptor.”

Now, Jimmy’s parents want to send the velociraptor back to the North Pole. However, Jimmy wants to keep him.

He’s already named him Vinnie the Velociraptor.

Your job is to convince Jimmy’s parent to let him keep Vinnie. Consider what a velociraptor might eat, what tricks you could teach him, where it might live, and how you would handle the potential dangers of owning this prehistoric pet.

In other words, make the case for why a velociraptor would make a great pet.

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