You Have Just Been Shrunk


Tell this story.

It’s a Friday afternoon and you and two friends walk into the classroom to check on your science experiment. But when you touch the liquid, it bubbles over and instantly shrinks all three of you down to two inches, or about 5 cm.

Describe what you will do to survive the weekend.

Where will you find food and water?

How will you seek out shelter?

Will you create a structure? If so, what classroom materials will you use? Will you create your own mini city?

What hazards do you need to avoid?

What challenges will you face as a tiny human?

What will you do when you’re bored? Maybe ride paper airplanes? Create your own sport with string and tape and leftover cardboard?

Describe your adventures as a mini-student. Be sure to use vivid imagery. Consider all the ways you can be creative with your classroom setting.