Invent Your Own Superhero


Remember when you were little and you’d be watching tv or reading a comic book. You’d see this superhero come in and save the day and you’d think . . . maybe that could be me. You would grab the nearest blanket, tie it around your neck and scale to the top of the couch and for a moment . . . it felt real. You felt the clouds rushing through your face. You felt like you could save the world.

At some point, that vision faded. You got older. Smarter. You outgrew your costume.

But . . . what if?

What would someone need to do to transform into a superhero?


What advice do you have on choosing a name?

How about an outfit? A color-scheme? A logo?

What do you do when someone doesn’t have a superpower? Any advice on gadgets?

How about the hero’s lair? What practical advice can you offer a prospective superhero on choosing a city?

What kind of transportation should a superhero use?

What will you do about money? What happens if a superhero isn’t independently wealthy?

How can a superhero tap into his or her tragic backstory to find strength?

Now, turn this advice into a step-by-step guide to how to become a superhero.

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