Invent a New Method of Transportation


Invent a new method of transportation.

What is the main goal of your transportation? Is it to help the environment? To increase safety? To get to locations faster?

How many people would use this transportation at a time? Will there be individual pods? Pairs? Small groups of people, like a car? Or large groups, like a bus or a train?

How is your transportation powered?

How would your design build on existing technology? Will you use elements from a plane? A car? A drone? A train? A rocket? A satellite? What new ideas would you introduce?

How would the navigation work? Would users have control over the vehicles or will they be fully autonomous and controlled by AI?

What are the risks in this transportation? What are some of the challenges you would face? How would you deal with different weather conditions? How would you handle the weight of cargo?

Describe how this method of transportation would work and how it would change the world forever.

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