Design a Drone Delivery System


You work for a delivery company that uses drones to deliver packages to people.

Unfortunately, drones are getting stolen and broken and people are complaining about drones landing on private property.
Here’s the reality.
You can no longer fly the drones close to the ground.

Your mission is simple.
You need to figure out how to drop a package from at least 4 meters above the ground without breaking the items inside.

Will you using padding? If so, what kind?
What kind of container will you use? A box? A pyramid? A sphere?
How will you slow it down?
Perhaps a parachute?
If so, what shapes and sizes will you experiment with?

Your supplies will include cardboard, duct tape, plastic bags, straws, and string.

You need to develop a way to test your method for speed, accuracy, and the ability to keep fragile items from breaking.

Don’t forget to experiment and make tons of glorious mistakes. It’s going to be awesome because it’s yours and it’s coming from your creative mind.

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