You Just Discovered a New Planet


You’re part of a team of astronauts that has traveled to a distant solar system. You just discovered a planet that looks as if it might contain life. What do you notice about the planet? How big is it? What is the temperature range? How far away is it from the nearest star? What kind of atmosphere does it have? What is the atmospheric pressure? What are the different climates on this planet? What kind of life might it have? Does it have a strong magnetic field? How strong is its gravity? What are the dangers you have to prepare for?

In what ways is this planet similar to Earth? In what ways is it different?

First describe this planet and then develop a plan for exploring it. Describe what tools you will use and what steps you will take as you begin to study the new terrain.

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Design the Ultimate Lair


The Association for Super Housing has commissioned you to design the ultimate lair. This lair could be used by a superhero or by a supervillain. So picture that lair. Who will live in it? Will it be a hero or a villain? Will there be a place for assistants or for minions? Where will it be located? It needs to be remote but also close enough to the city. How will you keep it hidden from the outside world? What security protocols will it have? What will you do in terms of safety? What will the overall layout be? How will the space be organized? What features will it have in the living area? Maybe an arcade? A pool table? A basketball court? A giant aquarium? A movie theater? A music room?What will the workspace be like? What kinds of technology and gadgets will it have? What will the testing lab look like? First, you will design the lair. You can do this on paper or you can design it in Minecraft. It’s up to you. Next, describe the lair as if you were writing a real estate advertisement. Think about your ideal client and what features you would highlight. Now go out and make something awesome!

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Create a Time Capsule


A time capsule is a container filled with items that you can bury in the ground. Later, archeologists, anthropologists and historians can dig it up and get a snapshot of life at a particular time.

We are living in a historic moment that you want to share with a future generation 100 years from now. For this reason, you will create your own time capsule. You need to select one item that represents what kids your age are doing for fun when stuck at home.

You need to select one item that says something about popular culture.
It could relate to movies, video games, music,
books, or television. But it has to be something that is popular right now.

You need to select one item that people seem to cherish more during quarantine than any other time before. You need to find an item that relates specifically to your family or your culture. Finally, you need to include some kind of documentation of daily life. It could be a to-do list or a daily schedule from home. It might be a receipt of something you bought. It might be a journal entry sharing how you feel about this.

Keep in mind that your items need to last at least one hundred years. They also need to say something about the present moment. The more specific and personal, the better. Now, describe all 5 items for future generations. Include a few sentences about what each item is and why you chose it. Remember that they won’t have the same background knowledge you have, so you’ll need to be clear, specific, and descriptive in your explanations.

Invent a Sport That Can Be Played During Social Distancing


You need to design a sport that people can play together even when they are physically far apart. The goal is to create a high interest game that requires physical movement. What is the goal of your sport? How will you win? Will you have points or will it end when you reach a specific objective? Will it be timed? Will you have specific rounds? Will you take turns? How many players will you need? Will it be a team sport or an individual sport? Will your sport have positions? If so, what will each person do? What materials will you use? What items can you use from home? How will you blend together the physical environment with technology? What will the dimensions of the field or court be? Will you play it indoors or outdoors? Will it be loud or quiet? What will the rules be? What will you allow? What will be forbidden? And what are the consequences for a penalty? Now invent that sport. You must work collaboratively with 2-4 people at a distance using email, shared documents, chat, or video conferencing. Be sure to make your game inclusive so everyone can play. The goal is to create something that is both fun and active at the same time. Now go out and make something awesome!


You Get a Magical Box That Takes You To Any Novel


For your safety and the safety of your community, you are in a shelter in place order. This means you’re stuck at home. No hanging out with friends. No playing sports with your neighbors. You can video chat, text, and talk, but you’re already feeling lonely.

But this morning, when you wake up, you find a giant cardboard box in your room. Although it seems ordinary, this box can transport you into any book you’ve ever read.

Simply state the book and page number and press the button and you’ll end up inside that world.

Where do you go? Perhaps a fantasy novel? Maybe you want to warn Harry to take better care of Dobby? Or maybe a mystery novel? Perhaps you’ll go to a historical novel from back in the day or maybe you’ll visit a far-off galaxy and figure out why Storm Troopers have such bad aim.
Or you’ll enter the world of superheroes and see firsthand how they save the day.
Or maybe you can visit a dystopian future and help a protagonist change that society.

Or maybe a realistic fiction novel where you can help a character navigate an interpersonal conflict.

However, there is a catch. The box can only take you to five locations.

So, list the five locations and explain why you are choosing them.
Next, tell the story of the first location you visit.
How will you react to the setting?
How will you interact with the characters?
How long will you stay there?
What will you do while you’re there?

Finally, explain how your actions change the plot, setting, and theme of the book.

An adventure awaits. Good luck!

You Have Just Been Shrunk


Tell this story.

It’s a Friday afternoon and you and two friends walk into the classroom to check on your science experiment. But when you touch the liquid, it bubbles over and instantly shrinks all three of you down to two inches, or about 5 cm.

Describe what you will do to survive the weekend.

Where will you find food and water?

How will you seek out shelter?

Will you create a structure? If so, what classroom materials will you use? Will you create your own mini city?

What hazards do you need to avoid?

What challenges will you face as a tiny human?

What will you do when you’re bored? Maybe ride paper airplanes? Create your own sport with string and tape and leftover cardboard?

Describe your adventures as a mini-student. Be sure to use vivid imagery. Consider all the ways you can be creative with your classroom setting.

Tell the Story of Your First Pet from the Perspective of Your Pet


Think back to the time you got your first pet. Maybe you got a playful puppy or a scrappy old rescue hound or a retired racer. Maybe you got a curious kitten or a moody old cat. But that pet changed your world forever. Now, tell this story from the perspective of the pet writing a journal of the first few days in your new family. What do you think of your new home? What’s your opinion of your humans? Anything puzzling or peculiar? What do you think of the food? What recommendations would you make to improve it? What are the toys like? What will you do for fun? What are your fears? What are your hopes? Focus on writing it from the perspective of your pet. Use vivid language and precise descriptions.

Invent an Underwater School


A team of marine biologists has invited you to help design the first ever underwater school.
Okay, actually fish spend their entire lives in schools. But this will be the first underwater school for humans
What type of student would attend this school?
Where will it be located? How will students get to the school?
What will students learn? How will the subjects be different from a typical school?
What sports would be available? What clubs would you have? Maybe scuba diving? Surfing?
What would the mascot be?
What would the building look like? How would the classrooms be designed?
How would you keep students safe?
Your job is to design this entire school and explain how it functions.

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Reinvent Baseball as an Extreme Sport


Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime. But in recent years, baseball has become less popular, with fewer tv viewers compared to other sports. People say it’s too slow and even boring. Your job is to reinvent baseball as an extreme sport. What changes would you make to the rules? What ideas could you borrow from other sports? How would you speed it up? What kinds of additional equipment would you add? How would you change the field? Are there any new players you would add? What would the new positions be? What kind of action can you add while also ensuring player safety? Write the instructions for this new version of baseball. Then describe why it will be more popular than the traditional game?

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Hansel and Gretel Are On Trial


Hansel and Gretel were arrested and now they’re on trial for trespassing, robbery, littering, and destruction of property. The lawyers have interviewed witnesses and examined the evidence. Now they are about to give the closing arguments before the jury. Was it really life or death? Were they harmless lost children who got lost in the forest without food or shelter? Or were they dangerous, candy-crazed criminals who went out of their way to harass a harmless witch and destroy her home? You need to write the closing arguments for both the prosecution and defense. Be sure to present specific facts and sound reason to present why Hansel and Gretel should be found guilty or not guilty.


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