Invent a School for Ninjas


You go to check the mail one day when an envelope pops out and folds itself into a ninja. It bounces around before landing on your shoulder, revealing an invitation to an elite school for ninjas.

Imagine that school.

What do the students wear? Is there a special uniform? Are the clothes be dark or light? What subjects does it have? What skills will you learn? And what will your teachers be like? What types of school supplies will you use? What special ninja gadgets will you get to try out? What is the building be like? Is it big or small? Is it located in the mountains? By an ocean? In the middle of a city? Or maybe underground? What cool ninja features does it offer?
What activities does the school offer? What kinds of ninja sports will you play? What are the rules at this school? How is it different from your own school?

Tell this story in the form of a diary entry . . . take that back. Ninjas keep journals, not diaries. Okay, tell this story in the form of a journal entry as a kid who just arrived to a ninja school.


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