You Just Discovered a New Planet


You’re part of a team of astronauts that has traveled to a distant solar system. You just discovered a planet that looks as if it might contain life. What do you notice about the planet? How big is it? What is the temperature range? How far away is it from the nearest star? What kind of atmosphere does it have? What is the atmospheric pressure? What are the different climates on this planet? What kind of life might it have? Does it have a strong magnetic field? How strong is its gravity? What are the dangers you have to prepare for?

In what ways is this planet similar to Earth? In what ways is it different?

First describe this planet and then develop a plan for exploring it. Describe what tools you will use and what steps you will take as you begin to study the new terrain.

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Design the Ultimate Lair


The Association for Super Housing has commissioned you to design the ultimate lair. This lair could be used by a superhero or by a supervillain. So picture that lair. Who will live in it? Will it be a hero or a villain? Will there be a place for assistants or for minions? Where will it be located? It needs to be remote but also close enough to the city. How will you keep it hidden from the outside world? What security protocols will it have? What will you do in terms of safety? What will the overall layout be? How will the space be organized? What features will it have in the living area? Maybe an arcade? A pool table? A basketball court? A giant aquarium? A movie theater? A music room?What will the workspace be like? What kinds of technology and gadgets will it have? What will the testing lab look like? First, you will design the lair. You can do this on paper or you can design it in Minecraft. It’s up to you. Next, describe the lair as if you were writing a real estate advertisement. Think about your ideal client and what features you would highlight. Now go out and make something awesome!

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