Tell the Story of Your First Pet from the Perspective of Your Pet


Think back to the time you got your first pet. Maybe you got a playful puppy or a scrappy old rescue hound or a retired racer. Maybe you got a curious kitten or a moody old cat. But that pet changed your world forever. Now, tell this story from the perspective of the pet writing a journal of the first few days in your new family. What do you think of your new home? What’s your opinion of your humans? Anything puzzling or peculiar? What do you think of the food? What recommendations would you make to improve it? What are the toys like? What will you do for fun? What are your fears? What are your hopes? Focus on writing it from the perspective of your pet. Use vivid language and precise descriptions.

Invent an Underwater School


A team of marine biologists has invited you to help design the first ever underwater school.
Okay, actually fish spend their entire lives in schools. But this will be the first underwater school for humans
What type of student would attend this school?
Where will it be located? How will students get to the school?
What will students learn? How will the subjects be different from a typical school?
What sports would be available? What clubs would you have? Maybe scuba diving? Surfing?
What would the mascot be?
What would the building look like? How would the classrooms be designed?
How would you keep students safe?
Your job is to design this entire school and explain how it functions.

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